preparative chromatography inexios PURIFICATION SOLUTIONS FOR COMPLEX MIXTURES

Inexios – Chromatography Intensified

preparative chromatography inexios

What We Do

Inexios – Expertise in industrial chromatography

Inexios has expertise in intensification of chromatography purification for preparative / industrial applicationsWe take existing processes and bring them to the next level. When there is no process, we develop it from scratch.  

Our job is to make chromatography better, faster, and cheaper. And to make it available where it was not even considered before. 

With our KiloLab we go from proof of concept to scale-up and we then assist our clients for industrialization.  

Inexiotech – Intensification technology

Over the past 10 years Inexios has developed Inexiotech, a technology that improves the performance of chromatography by a factor ranging from 2x to 5x. Inexiotech is easy to implement, on both new or existing systems. It works on HPLC (normal and reverse), SEC, affinity, mixed mode and SFC. 

KiloLab – small-scale purification

Our KiloLab is located near Paris in Biocitech Parka former Sanofi siteWe make small purifications as contract manufacturer / tolling from the mg to 1 kg scale. 

Customers We Work For

Pharma & Biotech

Pharma & Biotech

In early-stage development, reduce your time to market by developing an optimal chromatography method before phase 1 trials. In production, if your plant is maxed out, Inexiotech can give you the extra capacity you need.

Food & Nutra

Food and Nutra

Now chromatography is a viable option for difficult separations of food ingredients, supplements, and nutraceuticals. And it can be green and compatible with Organic Food labeling. Discover how Inexiotech makes this possible.



Optimize your upstream and downstream processes for plant extracts while eliminating the traces of solvent in the final product.

Chemicals - Inexios


Overcome purification bottlenecks and free up production capacity for other separations.

Hot Applications

Solvant Replacement

Purification Troubleshooting

Inexios Lab

What We Do

Our company was created in September 2013 by Nicolas Fauquet, doctor of pharmacy specializing in industrial and biomedical pharmacy.

Located in the technological center of Montmagny (FRANCE), the start-up is taking off by developing many innovative technologies and diversifying by touching different sectors of the industry such as pharmaceuticals and agro-food.

Winner of the national technological creation competition, INEXIOS improves the competitiveness of pharmaceutical and agro-food groups, in particular by dividing their costs linked to the purification of finished products.


We adapt to your needs, your priorities and your constraints, and support you from the feasibility study to production, whatever the progress of your project.


Our core business is purification in the bio-technological, agro-food, pharmaceutical and chemical fields.

The more complex the molecule is to purify, the more suitable our process is


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