Scientist Team_Inexios

Expertise / Consulting

Inexios is focused on chromatography purification and the intensification of preparative / industrial separations. Based on our expertise and a combination of lab work and process simulation we can optimize chromatographic separations or build them from scratch.

Our services include:

  • Process intensification and integration
  • Diagnostic and troubleshooting
  • Method development, screening
  • Production of lab and pilot samples
  • Scale-up studies and industrialization

Process intensification

Based on basic information about your separation, we tell you whether Inexiotech can provide a performance gain. That evaluation takes 2 to 3 weeks and we require very limited information about your case.

Simple, easy and free!

You provide us with a small sample of the solution to be purified and we perform experiments to confirm – at lab scale – that Inexiotech can improve the performance of the separation vs conventional chromatography. Along with the purity and yield obtainable, we provide estimated productivity and eluent consumption.
Optionally we can also provide extra services such as analytical method development, prep method development, media screening.

We perform a scale-up study on an industrial pilot and optimise the process so that you have the design parameters for industrialisation.

We provide a pilot sample to demonstrate the performance outcome.

When you implement Inexiotech, whether on your own facility or by outsourcing to a CMO / contractor, we provide a process licence.

On-demand purification


We have a KiloLab that you can contract for on-demand purification, for R&D or phase-1 clinical trials.


When you need a particular Reference Standard that is not available on a catalogue, we can produce it for you on-demand.


When you need to track certain impurities on synthesis intermediates or final product, Inexios can isolate, identify, and concentrate these for further analysis or toxicology.


Inexios is an expert team dedicated to chromatography intensification working in a made-for-purpose lab with a vast library of industrial media/gel, process simulation software and AI and with an extensive access to knowledge. Optimizing separations and troubleshooting methods is what we do every day.

We also have the in-house capability to scale-up processes on semi-industrial equipment (DAC 50 HPLC full automation, 20 L rotavap, solvent recycling).

We have a network of partner companies having their own field of expertise in upstream processes (extraction, SFE, synthesis, SPPS, crude pre-treatment), downstream processes (SFC, TFF, concentration, distillation) and peripheral processes (concentration, recycling).